Last Halloween Hurrah!

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know it is late on the 31st, but I subbed all week so far and really wanted to get this last Halloween post in because I am so proud of myself for actually making Halloween stuff and handing it out!! Yes, I gave away stuff that I made! Yay, me! (psst, my habit is to make it and forget to give it)

So, I wanted to show you the last of the items I made…the actual goodie bags from the Paper Pumpkin kit…they were a hit with the office staff at 2 of the schools and my son’s teachers. And, I gave away almost all the Halloween cards I had to teachers that I have subbed for or worked fairly close with so far this school year. I even had to use some of the cards from my Halloween Card Swap packet! Yay, me! (I know, you think I am weird and that is ok with me!)

Here are the other 2 alternative cards I made with PP kits pieces and extras…I added the black cat in because, well, what is Halloween without a black cat, right? Our black cat is named Lucky, so we are partial to black cats!

I also finished the baggies that I had not used for alternatives and added some black cats in the mix here as well!


They are so stinking cute! So much fun to make!

So, there you have it! The last of the Halloween goodies and fun times! Now it is on to thinking of Christmas cards! Yikes! I know, Thanksgiving is in there and usually I don’t do much with cards for that either, yet I may just use up my fall and Thanksgiving stuff on the teachers this year, too! Won’t that be fun?! I surely do have plenty to be thankful about!

Enjoy what’s left of your evening…no trick-or-treaters at our house…they all go into town…made for a productive evening…stay tuned for a Circle Blog Hop on Friday…

Thank you for reading and taking this crafting journey with me! It’s nice to have you along! Enjoy your Stampin’, Scrappin’, and Craftin’ journey and feel free to share with me!

Blessings, June

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