More My Mind’s Eye

Hello, Again!

More page designs from My Mind’s Eye for Scrap4Less! And it looks like I forgot to take off the picture measurements before taking these photos. I don’t have the layouts anymore, so you’ll just have to forgive me!

Somehow, I did not write down the names of the paper sets for all these My Mind’s Eye papers. However, the next time I see her, I will be sure to ask for them so that I can add them here…then you can find them where ever you are!

This is actually just a 2 page layout and the smaller pictures are just each page on its own to see closer. These were photos for sending to her to post for classes, not for the blog. Later I figured I could put them on the blog as well. It is my creation, so why not share it.

Using all this very patterned paper was seriously pushing me out of my comfortable box! Although, this one looks like I used more, but I didn’t…I folded pieces of the paper over to show more patterns, but it’s not a ton of paper. Tricky and cool, right?! They 2 ‘yellow’ pages are the base and the torn pieces are on top with corners and edges folded. Then I used the striped paper to make places for pictures and added some stamped images that went with this paper set! Easy-peasy!

And that’s all for today, folks! Enjoy your crafting!

Blessings, June



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