Fall Paper Pumpkin

Good Afternoon!

These are from the August and September Paper Pumpkin boxes that I get each month from Stampin’ Up!

I really do enjoy getting them! Sometimes I do what the instructions say and other times I do my own thing! For these cards, I followed the instructions because I really liked how they looked, was prepping for a Craft Fair, and nothing else was coming to mind!

For the Halloween Tube, which was in the September box, I also followed the instructions because they were just too stinking cute not to!! I gave these to the teachers at my son’s school. I forgot to take a picture of all of them together, and luckily had this one that my son really wanted for himself, because we have a black cat. I used orange Tic Tacs in them. On the Paper Pumpkin Facebook site, I saw that people also used Skittles or M&Ms to fill them.

I also have the October box and have made 2 cards, 1 as a Birthday card for my cousin and the other as this Thank You card. Now I want to climb out of the box and see what I can come up with!


I have read on that fb PP site that it costs a fortune to send these cards as the shaker cards they are meant to be…so, I am thinking of turning them into something else, or make them for local people, whom I don’t have to mail too. I’ll share those when I am done. I plan to work on them this weekend! Sorry, long distance friends! You’ll get other nice cards from me that use a regular postage stamp!

Enjoy the rest of your fall day!

Blessings, June

PS. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how you can get your hands on these fabulous items! If you become a Paper Pumpkin subscriber, you can order past sets! Cool, right?!


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