Double Z Card, redone


Ok, school has finally started and I am working on finding a groove…of sorts. I need a little more time, 2 weeks has not been enough. It was a very long summer! 3 months! Unheard of now-a-days!

I had wanted to redo the Double Z card right after I made the first one because I felt that the other one was too short for the embellishments I had chosen. The balloon over powered the original one from my previous post. I think this one looks much better. I had to make a custom envelope for it, but with Stampin’ Up!’s Envelope Punch Board that is an easy thing to do! I use it all the time! Maybe I need to do a post about it! Hmm…


So, what do you think? Much better, right?! I agree!

Of course, after I did this, I saw that there are many other variations of this card…floating balloons, full on pop-up inside the Z, and probably many other ideas anyone can dream up! I may need to play some more with this card! There are just so many options!

Until next time!

Blessings, June


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