My Mind’s Eye – Lost & Found

OK, OK,  I know this isn’t Stampin’ Up! products. However, it is creative scrapbooking and I did create these pages for Scrap4Less, the crop and place that I do teach scrapbooking classes using Stampin’ Up! products. Each month I get papers that she has an abundance of, create pages for her (she only makes cards) and then she makes kits out of them! Soon, I will be teaching the classes with these kits as well! It’s scrapbooking and teaching, so I. AM. IN! And, isn’t the whole purpose of having this blog to share my scrapbooking (ok, cards, too) passion with you?! Yes, it is! So here they are…

I have never been really big on using lots of patterned paper, it frightened me really! I would use it as accents and such…then she gave me a half dozen patterned papers and said, “Here, what can you do with this?” YIKES! I was not so sure. I will admit that I went straight to Pinterest to see what others did with it! And then the creative juices started to flow…gotta love Pinterest!

Here is the 2-page layout I did using the Lost & Found papers she gave me from My Mind’s Eye. She has lots of paper from them. It’s good stuff!

These are great Boy/Men pages! I love the quotes! The big rectangles are obviously where you would put pictures. She didn’t ask me to use my own, yet I did suggest she put her pictures in there then, to help get people excited about the paper! Scrapbook pages look so much better with pictures on them!! Don’t you think?

If you like these papers, come shop at Scrap4Less on the 2nd Friday and Saturday of the month! Or even better, stay and scrapbook or any other craft, as well! Always love having folks to scrapbook with!! You can also sign up for classes of all kinds! I teach the scrapbooking ones and leave the card making, quilling, and iris folding to the other ladies. You can SIGN UP NOW! for any of the classes! I am usually there on Saturday’s only right now…and plan to be there on Fridays, as well, come August. When you come, let me know you saw this here! I love meeting people!!


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